Paddle Round The Pier

We went to Say Aphasia exhibition stand for Paddle Round The Pier. It was a great weekend. We were there on Saturday and Sunday, and it was very HOT! We had our banner, with...    Read More


Say Aphasia meeting Speech and Language Students at City University

At the end of March, Say Aphasia founder Colin Lyall    Read More


Giving Times recognise Say Aphasia

Say Aphasia were delighted to be interviewed by Giving Times    Read More


Rusty Nuts in the Rust 2 Sahara Rally for Say Aphasia

Paul Chapman, a long term friend of Colin Lyall founder of Say Aphasia, is taking part in this year's Rust 2 Sahara rally, a 17 day journey from Edinburgh to Moro...    Read More


Say Aphasia Drop-in talks

At our regular Friday morning Drop-In we have been lucky enough to have talks by some of our group. Each of us has a story to tell and the talk is a great opportunity to learn more    Read More


Aphasia United International Conference

Say Aphasia are going to be represented at the Aphasia United International Conference on the 5th and 6th March 2017.    Read More


New Monthly Art Class for Say Aphasia Drop-in

We had our first art class with Trisha on Friday 24th February. It was a really excellent morning with over 20 people attending the drop in. Everyone had the opportunity to paint.    Read More


SayAphasia helping UCL with Research

Several members of SayAphasia have been involved in research being carried out by University College London to try and understand how to get people with Aphasia reading and writing again. 'SayAphasia is not just about a group of people...    Read More


Pegasus Scheme - changing the way we talk to the police

One of our group members told us out about a new police initiative in Brighton. It is known as The Pegasus Scheme. It is for people who have speech or communication difficulties which might make it difficult for them...    Read More


Spreading the word and sharing information

Some of SayAphasias peer leaders visited Bromley for an Information Day. They shared their invaluable insight into what a drop-in group is and what it means to be a peer leader. Bonnie (Outreach Co-ordinator) said everyone did a great job, “the af...    Read More