I had my stroke 12 years ago. I was in the bathroom cleaning my little boys teeth but I fell. I said something to Lucas said that he wouldn't worry, bad mistake. It came out all gobbledygook. 30 minutes later my second son came downstairs and asked me if it was going to be long in the bathroom. He open the bathroom door and then I was laying on the floor. I'd been sick and wet myself and apparently you could only see the whites of my eyes. He ran downstairs and got my phone and rang my husband who came home immediately. I don't remember much else. I was unconscious for five days, and I was in the hospital for five months. On coming out of hospital I was in a wheelchair. I couldn't walk or talk or dress myself. I had a commode as well, not nice!!
I had speech and language therapy and the physiotherapist came round for four months. Everyday was a struggle ...
But look at me now!
During the day I've been working for Say Aphasia and doing a lot with my life.
I don't get paid but there is something so worthwhile about it. My Life has changed not for the better but differently. I am in a better position now to understand people with strokes.
It's life changing.

All of us are affected in different ways but those of us with a handicap need a bit more input and this is where I come in. Just talking to them is a godsend - for me and to them. It makes them feel not alone and there is
life out there ...
- even if it's a long way off.