Affiliate Information

With the closure of the Connect charity in 2016 many Aphasia support groups all over the country have been left with no help, support or infrastructure. SayAphasia wants to change that.

New or established groups can apply to become SayAphasia affiliates or to join SayAphasia by filling out the form below.

A SayAphasia affiliate operates their group under their own name.

A group that joins SayAphasia is called SayAphasia followed by the name of their location,e.g. SayAphasia Brighton and Hove.

What are the benefits to your group of becoming a SayAphasia Affiliate or joining SayAphasia?

1) We will send you a quarterly newsletter that will:

    • Keep you in touch with what other groups are up to
    • Updates on research
    • Fundraising ideas and suggestion
    • Ideas and recommendations to help run your group more efficiently

2) We will forward you some of our branded literature to hand out to your members including information booklets, SayAphasia cards, a pen and other promotional materials are also available.

3) We will include information about your group on our website and promote your events and meetings.

4) If you are a new group we will provide a 'Group Mentor' to help you establish the group.

5) We will run occasional networking events where you can meet other groups in a relaxed environment.

If you would like to join SayAphasia or become an affiliate member you will need to comply with the following guidelines:

    • Your group should comply with the Aims & Objectives of SayAphasia as approved by the Charities Commission.
    • You will need to provide an outline of the group's aims & objectives.
    • Groups who wish to use their own name may publish the phrase -'Affiliated to SayAphasia' once the declaration has been signed and returned. Groups who wish to be known as Say Aphasia can do so once the declaration has been signed and returned to us.
    • The SayAphasia affiliate logo must be placed on your website with a link to (if you have one) in a prominent position. Letterheads must show the affiliate logo.
    • Endorsement and accreditation of a group's publications must be sought should the group wish the SayAphasia logo to appear in any group publications – this will involve e-mailing a digital version of your publication to us prior to printing.
    • SayAphasia publications may not be altered or amended from the original format neither can a group copy and use the information as their own.
    • SayAphasia is unable to provide funding for groups.
    • SayAphasia is not legally responsible for the actions, activities or insurance policies of individual groups.

Please complete the form below and press submit. You will be sent an e-mail confirmation if your application to become a SayAphasia Affiliate or join SayAphasia.

Or download the forms and e-mail them to us at [email protected].

Download to become a SayAphasia affiliate

Download to join SayAphasia

Please note that contact details will be held in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

Please ensure at least ONE of the following document is uploaded with this form.

  • Copy of Group Aims & Objectives
  • Copy of Group Mission Statement
  • Copy of Group Constitution / Governing document / Trust Deed
Please select your document. Only pdf/.doc files are allowed.

I confirm that we would like to join SayAphasia (as confirmed above) and agree to the terms and conditions as set out in the affiliate information I confirm that we would like to become an Afilliate to SayAphasia (as confirmed above) and agree to the terms and conditions as set out in the affiliate information