Beautiful Voice Speech Therapy App

Beautiful Voice is founded by a group of researchers from the University of Oxford. They developed an online speech and language therapy for stroke survivors.

A lot of stroke survivors have problems in their communication, such as having slurred or unclear speech, difficulty in finding the right words, or mixing yes and no, for example. They may also find it difficult to read or write. This is called Aphasia. All these issues are frustrating and prevent stroke survivors from enjoying daily life. 

Regular and frequent speech and language therapy is important for improving the communication abilities for stroke survivors. However, NHS services are not always available for everyone. 


So the founding team developed Beautiful Voice, an online therapy platform that helps stroke survivors to do more speech and language therapy by themselves. 

For people who are not good with training on their own and need additional help from speech and language therapists, Beautiful Voice also connects them with a therapist.

It’s affordable, enjoyable and targets the specific needs of the patients.

Users can do 5 exercises per day for free. If they want to do more, it is a subscription of £14.99 per month or £35.99 for 3 months. 

Beautiful Voice is used by many stroke survivors. Some are from Say Aphasia groups!


Written by Andre Hallack


For anyone who is interested in checking them out, please visit: or contact [email protected]. Beautiful Voice is happy to teach you how to use the platform and help you make the most of it.

Beautiful Voice will offer a special discount for members from Say Aphasia.