I am in my final year training as a speech and language therapist at UCL and am currently learning about aphasia and the impacts it can have on someone's life. I hope this fundraising will help raise awareness and support for people with aphasia.

Aphasia is when someone has difficulties with language and communication, which can include speaking, reading, and writing, as a result of damage to specific areas of the brain (e.g., due to stroke, brain haemorrhage, head injury, brain tumour).

Say Aphasia runs social groups where people with aphasia can come together to share their experiences and support each other to adapt to their changes in communication. After hearing how helpful people find social groups like these, I wanted to raise money for Say Aphasia so they can continue to support those who need it.

I am challenging myself to train throughout the cold, dark winter and beat my previous half marathon time to raise money, any donations no matter how small would be greatly appreciated!

Amber O'Dell