I have aphasia. I love SayAphasia. In lockdown speech goes down, but my friends at SayAphasia are in the same boat. This has been so helpful. In lockdown I couldn't go out for a coffee, it was tough. SayAphasia made all the difference...chatting two times a week, talking, talking talking. Brilliant!
Please help me, to help SayAphasia 💪!!

I know giving money may be hard at the moment, anything you can spare- £5, £10. Thank you!

Say Aphasia charity supports people with Aphasia and their families and carers and aim to improve the welfare of people affected. I have had to learn to speak again this is ongoing. My vocabulary continues to improve over the years. Aphasia has not affected my ability to understand or my ability to read. I am able to hold conversations however these can take longer than people who have not been affected by Aphasia. I know the word I want to say but can’t say them, this is so very frustrating.


This is a fantastic opportunity to help raise money and awareness for Say Aphasia. Please donate to our fantastic group, donations big or small are very welcome and hugely appreciated.


Thank you, thank you.

Jill x

Jill Wakeman