Ebrahim Salem

I will be running next Brighton Half marathon raising funds and awareness of say aphasia . Any help will be appreciated.

Ruby & Chloe’s Brighton Half

Chloe Hatchett

We are running the Brighton Half Marathon on 25th February for Say Aphasia

Jill’s Half Marathon

Jill Wakeman

Hannah's run for this amazing community

Hannah Riley

I'm running the Brighton Half Marathon to help the brilliant team at Say Aphasia to help more people with this life-changing condition.

Paul Fleming

Paul Fleming

Brighton Half Marathon Fund Raising Page

Isaac Levi and Al Coppola

I am running the Brighton half marathon with some friends and want to raise some money for a great cause providing support for those who need.

Max pikiewicz half marathon

Max Pikiewicz

I found out about your charity through a friend and I had no idea what Aphasia was, I read a little bit about it and decided I’d like to help you help other people, i can’t imagine how hard it is having communication difficulty in your day to day life. I’d love to help you out as much as I can and I’ll try my best to do so!!!

Aphasia Fundraising

Georgina Freeborn

I have decided to do a fundraiser for Say Aphasia as it’s a charity that I had never heard of before. It’s an opportunity to create awareness of this illness and show the community and support that is provided by Say Aphasia. Aphasia works to help people feel safe and comfortable in their daily lives, having the opportunity to have support and speak to others going through the same experience.

Lizzie's half marathon

Elizabeth Ayles

I'm running the Brighton half to raise much needed funds!

Josh’s Half Marathon

Josh Grant

The boys and I at Sussex Men’s Rugby will be running the brighton Half marathon in order to raise money for charity. 🏃💨

Tommy's Half Marathon

Tommy Rowlingson

The Uni of Sussex rugby team are running the Brighton half to raise money for Aphasia