Rusty Nuts in the Rust 2 Sahara Rally for Say Aphasia

Paul Chapman, a long term friend of Colin Lyall founder of Say Aphasia, is taking part in this year's Rust 2 Sahara rally, a 17 day journey from Edinburgh to Morocco in a 20 year old 200k mile Volvo. Joining Paul is Steve Compton and together they make up 'Rusty Nuts'. Much of the The 3500 mile journey will be across pretty rough terrain. It's safe to say it will be quite a challenge!

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Rusty Nuts will be raising funds for two charities, Hypopara UK and Say Aphasia.

Hypopara UK is a charity that support those suffering from Hyperparathyroidism (HPTH), a rare endocrine condition in which the reduction or absence of parathyroid hormone leads to serious fatigue, muscle weakness, cramping and cognitive impairment. Steve's wife Jane suffers from HPTH and has been an active member of Hypopara UK since her diagnosis.

The Rust 2 Sahara rally begins on April 1st 2017, with the pair travelling up to Edinburgh to start the journey. To get a sense of what the journey is about, see the short video below from the official Rust 2 Sahara account:

We wish Paul and Steve the best of luck on their journey and thank them so much for choosing Say Aphasia as one of their charities to donate proceeds towards. All donations make a huge difference to us and we really appreciate it.

To see more information about the Rust 2 Saraha Rally and to donate, please visit:

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