Say Aphasia meeting Speech and Language Students at City University

At the end of March, Say Aphasia founder Colin Lyall gave a presentation to a group of 1st year students doing BSc's in Speech and Language at City University in London. The talk was around living with Aphasia and the setting up of the Say Aphasia charity,

Other presenters included Tess Lancashire, Gill Pearl and Madeline Cruice (from the University)

Colin Lyall says..After the presentation Madeline wrote to me saying

'Thank you SO much for your excellent contributions to the 1st year BSc SLT students learning this morning.

After I left, several students stopped me on the street to say how terrific it was.

Thank you for making such a strong impact on them, especially at a time early in their studies and career development when they are so impressionable!


More than just meeting the students we were also delighted to learn that a number will attend on of our future Friday drop ins and some will visit us a the Paddle Round the Pier event in July.

A successful day all round.

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2 years ago