Running the Brighton Half for SayAphasia

Thomas Pryce

I am running the Brighton Half (my first since 2020!), and am aiming to raise some money for local charity, SayAphasia. SayAphasia provides support for people in the UK with aphasia, a communication disability that can develop after stroke or brain injury, making it difficult to talk. SayAphasia provides supportive, social groups, organised by people with aphasia, for people with aphasia. They help tackle the loneliness and isolation which can accompany aphasia, while promoting better awareness.

Brighton Aphasia

Gerry Metcalfe

I am fund raising for research into this condition that affects the son of a close friend of mine.

Running for say aphasia

Henry Collins

Running to raise money and awareness for say aphasia

Fenton Running for Aphasia

Jacobus Fenton Crowe

I am raising money for a good cause that I am fully supportive of!

Sam's Brighton Half

Sam Beckett

Kate's Brighton Half Marathon for Say Aphasia

Kate Gibbens

I am running the Brighton Half Marathon in support of Say Aphasia. Say Aphasia is a charity that supports those who have been diagnosed with aphasia. If you are able to donate that would be amazing, thank you for your support!

Half Marathon for Aphasia

Will Sims

I am running for aphasia for a close relative whom suffered with aphasia due to a neurological disease and sadly passed away a couple of years ago.

Dagmara's Half Marathon

Pikiewicz Dagmara

My son is running the marathon with you and i wanted to support both him and you by also running it.
i would like to help raise as much money for you to help you fight this disorder in anyway posible!


Ebrahim Salem

I will be running next Brighton Half marathon raising funds and awareness of say aphasia . Any help will be appreciated.

Ruby & Chloe’s Brighton Half

Chloe Hatchett

We are running the Brighton Half Marathon on 25th February for Say Aphasia