Our next project to help people with Aphasia!

We would like to help people with aphasia use the internet with ease, get online and use Zoom. Firstly, we need your donations to pay for tablet computers, as well as hiring someone to teach our aphasia members how to use technology and get online.

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Your money will help us get people with aphasia online who are not computer literate, and enable them to communicate to friends and family, through tools like Zoom, to help to reduce loneliness and isolation. They will also be able to access our online drop in groups with ease.

Imagine not being able to use zoom, Facetime or WhatsApp to connect during the pandemic. Then imagine having aphasia, a language disorder due to brain damage. Speaking, reading and writing are all suddenly difficult or impossible. How alone would you feel?

Aphasia and it's impact on life:

Aphasia is a socially isolating condition that has been linked to higher rates of depression than the general population. Some of our members' isolation has been compounded by the pandemic. Due to language loss and digital poverty they cannot get online, they cannot access zoom, facetime or whatsApp to connect with friends, family or Say Aphasia.

This is where our charity 'Say Aphasia' can help

We are a small East Sussex based charity piloting a new service called "Zooming Great" which aims to get our members online using accessible fun and creative activities. 


We will loan people ipads, adapt them to make them easy to use, and offer face-to-face and remote sessions to practice, practice, practice getting online. Our local Apple shop in Brighton have offered free ipad accessibility training (amazing!!), and we are hoping to work with Eastbourne Heritage to explore our local historical archives online to make meeting together an interesting and thought provoking way to learn a new skill and connect with each other and our local community.

How you can help

Now we just need the funds to purchase the ipads. Anything you can offer us would be much appreciated! Each ipad costs £329, and insurance is £69. We've chosen ipads for their accessibility features and intuitive platform. Please donate what you can - anything you can offer us would be much appreciated! And you could help us further by sharing our project with your friends and family to help us spread the word. Thank you