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"I Have Aphasia" Support Card


Credit card sized support card for people with aphasia. Read more

Aphasia Christmas Cards - Mix of 10


Christmas cards designed by our members with aphasia. Art is very therapeutic to some of our members, and they thoroughly enjoyed creating art for our Christmas cards Read more

Black Fleece


Read more

Christmas Cards Pack of 10


Read more

Christmas Cards Pack of 5


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Illustrated Tee


Illustrated T-shirt Read more

Say Aphasia Information Booklet


Say Aphasia have created an easy to understand booklet about aphasia, how it may affect you, and how your family can help you... Read more

Say Aphasia T-shirt Package


t-shirt, mug, water bottle and pen! Read more

Unisex Black Polo Shirt


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White Aphasia Wristband


Aphasia wristband Read more

Woman's Black Polo Shirt


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