Jill's run for SayAphasia

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I have aphasia. I love SayAphasia. In lockdown speech goes down, but my friends at SayAphasia are in the same boat. This has been so helpful.

First Timer

Jade Mitchell

My first time

Jess runs for aphasia

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I am running to support Say Aphasia as it is a lifeline for so many people living with this condition.

My brilliant mother in law was diagnosed with primary progressive aphasia in 2018. Despite her strength, courage and resourcefulness, the challenges aphasia brings in communication and everyday interaction are hugely difficult.

Charities like Say Aphasia are so important as one of the places families can turn to for support.

Not Just An Udder Quiz

Not Just An Udder Quiz

Why am I doing this??

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Say Aphasia

Amy Rich

In support of my Auntie Monica, and others suffering from the same condition.

Running for aphasia!

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I would love to give my support

Nikki, Larna and Sammy are running for SayAphasia!

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We love running and we think SayAphasia does great work!

Come run with me

Max Burzler

Just want to make more efforts in the community

Jess runs half marathon

Jessica Cooke

Lauren is running the Brighton half marathon for SayAphasia

Lauren Pigott

I encountered this amazing charity through my speech and language therapist training at UCL. SayAphasia works with people with Aphasia to raise awareness and understanding of the condition.

Cat's Hustle

Cat Shepherd

Attempting to help raise some awareness of Aphasia and the work Say Aphasia are doing. If communication is key, everyone should get the help they need to do exactly that - communicate!