Half Marathon Supporting Say Aphasia

Lyle Pentith

Aphasia affects around 350,000 people in the UK

Ed and Natasha running for Say Aphasia

Natasha Greig

Say Aphasia is an amazing charity offering support to people with aphasia.

Team ‘Sea Aphasia’ Channel Crossing

Kirsty Maguire

To support Say Aphasia with the incredible work they do in raising awareness and providing a lifeline for people affected by Aphasia.

Jake's Fundraising Page

Jake Wilkinson-Tough

Oakley Property

Andrew Hovey

Hannah runs for Say Aphasia 2023

Hannah charnock

Say Aphasia has been a huge support to my family since my dad suffered a stroke a few years ago. Any donation you’re able to make, however small, will help the organisation continue it’s wonderful work. Thank you

Emma Rich - Brighton Half Marathon Fundraising page

Emma Rich

Nearly a year ago I suffered 2 brain haemorrhages . As a result of my injury to the left side of my brain I also found myself dealing with aphasia. The support group in Hove has played a crucial role in my recuperation.

Katie's running the Brighton Half Marathon

Katie Duffy

... I have witnessed the impact that not being able to effectively communicate can have on one's life...

Fern, Emily, and the Brighton Half Marathon for Say Aphasia

Fern Rodgers

Aphasia, a communication difficulty common after stroke or brain injury, affects over 350,000 people in the UK alone, making it difficult to comprehend language or to speak. Fern works in post-stroke aphasia research and has met dozens of wonderful people living with the condition. We want to raise money for an important cause, that helps to connect people to others going through similar life changing experiences and feel less alone by running fun, friendly social groups.

Amber Brighton Half Marathon

Amber O'Dell

I am running Brighton half marathon in February 2023 to help raise awareness and money for Say Aphasia so they can continue the important work they do!