Let's dive right in - I hope you all know by now, June Is Aphasia Awareness Month.

If you didn't know - not to worry. It just means we need to shout about it more! 😃



To mark Aphasia Awareness Month, our groups participated in 'Rocking Aphasia', a campaign where we painted rocks and left them for the public to find. This creative activity not only raises awareness but also provides a therapeutic outlet for people with aphasia.



Our brave members also spoke on camera about what they gain from attending an aphasia group.

watch here

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Howard, our peer leader who runs the group in Burgess Hill spoke on a podcast! Howard has aphasia and apraxia.

"It’s almost like your language library has had an earthquake and every book and every word within that library is everywhere…"

listen here

"In this special episode of our PermiServ podcast, Sales Director Louise Lambourne talks with her father Howard about aphasia, which affects the brain’s language centre and makes it difficult to speak, read and write. Howard suffered a stroke in 2019 that resulted in aphasia.
PermiServ is a supporter of Say Aphasia, who provide information and guidance for people affected by the condition, and who have helped Howard with his recovery. Howard is now a peer leader for the charity, running the Burgess Hill drop-in group in West Sussex."
Colin, the founder of Say Aphasia spoke on The Brainy Speech Therapist podcast!
John Hirons, a friend of our Exeter group started a podcast about his aphasia!
John also created a video to help Say Aphasia raise money for iPads. Our Peer Leaders will use these iPads to make the admin much easier. Especially as they can use the accessibility tools that technology has to offer. 


In Skipton, our Peer Leader Mark and his wife Caroline have been raising awareness of aphasia with their latest art exhibition, which has been a huge success. The event not only showcased the talents of artist Mark Chappell, but also helped to dispel common myths and misconceptions about the condition.

Mark, Caroline and friends created a brilliant video to summarise the exhibition. 

watch here


Skipton members also expressed their thoughts on the aphasia support group.



The Winchester group has had lots of interest from MP's. With visits from 

Steve Brine, Caroline Nokes and Alan Whitehead. As well as local Councillor Jan Warwick and Councillor Adrian Brophy. Fingers crossed they will contribute to raising awareness of aphasia!


Richard, our volunteer in Hove is raising money for Say Aphasia by walking the 36 mile South Downs Way route!

You can contribute to his funding page here.


This man on a mission also set up a stall at Brighton's Jubilee library to raise awareness of Say Aphasia. And raised £120!

Our Hove member, Chris displayed his art to lure in the public... I think it worked! And it seems as though they made an impact on the public - this lovely poem was written by a member of public after chatting with Richard and the team.


A plug is pulled in the brain
that robs the person of words,
the ability to have a conversation.
It can be a progressive disease.
If so the prognosis of five years
life expectancy is probably after it's diagnosed.
Whereas Aphasia cause by a stroke, head injury,
tumour, haemorrhage etc
does not necessarily shorten life
but makes communication a struggle
affecting the way people feel and are able to function.
Did you know there are double the amount of
people with Aphasia than with Parkinsons?
Yet Parkinsons is something most of us know about.
Why aren't we more aware?
The week beginning 17h June is Aphasia awareness day.
Had I not gone into Jubilee library today wouldn't have known.
So, thank you
and the paintings in the foyer illustrated that
some who have Aphasia are able to express themselves
in brushstrokes, colour, line and shape,
expressing the landscape of their lives in another way.