I'm running the Brighton Half on February 25th - my first Half Marathon since 2020! I'd like to raise some money for local charity, Say Aphasia, who support people in the UK living with aphasia.

Say Aphasia Charity provides supportive, welcoming social groups for people living with aphasia. Aphasia is a communication disability that can develop after stroke or brain injury, making it difficult to talk. It isn’t a well known condition, and people living with it can feel alone and isolated. The groups are run by people with aphasia for people with aphasia. They provide continuous support in a friendly, social environment with people who are experiencing similar life changes.

If you do have a donation spare for this fundraiser, your money can help Say Aphasia open more groups across the UK. There are over 350,000 people in the UK living with Aphasia whoo could benefit from this.

Your donations can also help the charity raise awareness of aphasia, so that more people understand how to help people living with it.

Thank you!

Thomas Pryce