KIM, GEORGE & ELLIE are running the Brighton Half Marathon, and we wanted to support this incredibly charity to spur us on with the challenge! ✨

This will be George and Kim’s first 13-miler (do they know what they’ve signed up for?! 😱) and Ellie’s 11th half (maybe, you lose count if you’re mad enough to keep doing them 🤷🏼‍♀️).

Training is going well for those capable of waking up early enough to get to a 9am Saturday parkrun, however sorting out the logistics of getting to Brighton from all over the country to do the actual run is going slightly less well…

We’re also running with Ella, Ka Man and Aaron who are supporting our fundraising efforts and encourage you to donate to this brilliant small charity too.

If anyone can afford a fiver or even a pound, it’ll go towards the incredible work carried out by Say Aphasia. If you’re feeling bougie and can give more, we’d be incredibly grateful 🙌🏼

Kim Roberts