I have had aphasia for 10 years, and even though I'm fortunate enough that I can have a conversation and speak my mind, I can tell you first hand - there have been some very frustrating days, days where I am misunderstood, and times I wish that more people could understand the condition Aphasia. This is why I have spent the last 7 years growing this charity and making more people aware of what aphasia is.

After the COVID lockdown, the stroke association reckon there are about 375,000 people in the UK living with aphasia. However 85% of the public haven't heard of it.

By the time I 'retire' I am determined to help make aphasia an understood condition which is widely spoken about.

Our brilliant charity has amazing trustees, teams and peer leaders who run this impactful charity.

So I am taking part in one of our biggest fundraisers and running this half marathon to continue to raise money to help us improve the lives of those living with aphasia.

With your donation, we can open more support groups across the UK and reach many isolated people living with aphasia.

Thank you!

Colin Lyall