Just over a year ago, my mum suffered multiple strokes which left her wheelchair bound and unable to talk. As a family we struggled to come to terms with this life changing event but have been helped immensely by a wonderful charity called Say Aphasia.

In the beginning, we were given very little speech therapy from the NHS due to the back log of covid and their over stretched services- that is when we were introduced to Say Aphasia. They were able to provide multiple free sessions for my mum and help start her journey in being able to communicate again. The level of service & compassion they showed was second to none.

This is a HUGE personal challenge for myself after being plagued by injury and undergoing multiple hip surgeries. Several training runs, early mornings and endless tiredness all comes down to this. If you can spare a few quid, it means a lot.

TWENTY SIX MILES! Wish me luck😵‍💫

Emma Frost