Imagine losing the ability to speak. Unable to express how you feel or join in conversations. Imagine not being able to understand what other people are saying, nor being able to read or write. Aphasia can rob you of any or all these skills which we take for granted. It can be a lonely and scary place to be. As a Speech and Language Therapist, I witness the devastating impact Aphasia can have on individuals and their families.
Say Aphasia is a small charity I hold very close to my heart. It provides support, guidance, companionship and above all hope.
This is why my team ‘Sea Aphasia’ and I have chosen to attempt the most iconic swim in the world. The ‘Everest of Swimming’ - The English Channel. A twenty-one mile stretch of water that separates England from France. The attempt will take place between 17-23rd June 2023 (weather dependent).

This has taken three years of dedicated cold-water training. A colourful journey, which has included; a few jellyfish stings, a close encounter with a seal and dolphin in Costa del Hove. An early morning dip with Chris Eubank and a healthy dose of hypothermia! Not to mention chasing a lady along Hove promenade as she absconded with my clothes!!!
Please consider supporting Hildi, George, Jules, Pete, Mike and I with this challenge. It would make all this hard work worthwhile. I’m sure there will be a few more stories to add before June too! Kirsty Maguire