It is very lonely and frightening when you lose the power to speak, and struggle to understand what others are saying. That is what happened to my husband Michael when he had a sudden brain haemorrhage 3.5 years ago.

Rehabilitation can be slow and challenging. Being able to connect with others facing similar difficulties is hugely beneficial.

Colin and the SayAphasia charity are always there to help. They do amazing work in raising awareness and providing a safe space and much needed support to people with speech and language difficulties.
My husband always comes home from the Friday morning meet-up with a smile on his face.

Please help me raise funds for this wonderful charity.

I’m going to be trekking 100km in the desert in Jordan during September with my work colleagues - we’re also raising funds for local sustainability projects.

It’s going to be challenging, but it is nothing when compared to the hurdles that my husband and others face every day.

Thank you so much for any contribution you can give. I want to raise as much as possible to show how proud I am of him and all of the other people who suffer from aphasia. Lucy (Farndon) Lemée