I started running during lockdown 1 just to set myself a "challenge". Little did I know that my greatest challenge was just around the corner.

In September 2020 out of nowhere and due to an unknown heart condition, John my fit and healthy husband, suffered a stroke so severe it left him paralysed on his right hand side and unable to speak, read or write. During his 3 months in hospital and neuro rehab, against all expectations and due to the work of some wonderful physios he started to regain his mobility, walking and using stairs.

Since being discharged, again with the help of a brilliant neuro physio, he now walks around the house without a stick, can walk 1km outdoors and is regaining some movement in his right arm.

However, the stroke has left John with severe expressive aphasia, this means his speech and writing are very limited. Thanks to Colin and the Say Aphasia team we have received help and advice, and on their recommendation we now work with an excellent speech therapist.

John's road to recovery has been slow, painful and difficult, and we still have a long way to go. He's borne it with the utmost dignity and courage. He's never once asked "why me"? I truly would not wish this experience on anyone.

I figured that if he can achieve all this in 5 months, I should get on with doing something that in some way says thank you for the second chance we've been given. I certainly would love any support you could give xxx

John Saunders