Say Aphasia is an absolute gem of an organisation.

Your donation to this small but ambitious charity will help it evolve and help more people with aphasia.

- Say Aphasia offers incredible friendship, community and support to anyone unfortunate enough to develop aphasia.
- Aphasia is a communication disability that stops the sufferer from being able to speak, and often read or write.
- Someone with aphasia will still be intelligent, without the means to communicate it.
- Aphasia can develop after stroke or brain injury.
- Aphasia can take away your independence, identity, ability to relate to family and friends and live the life you knew.
- Aphasia can be isolating, frightening and depressing.
- Say Aphasia offers welcoming, friendly drop in groups around the country.
- The drop in groups are run by peer leaders who have aphasia themselves.
- Everyone at the drop in groups 'gets it.'

I'm training for and running this half marathon in between studying for a Master's degree in Speech and Language Therapy. Because I really believe in what Say Aphasia does. And that's what's dragging me around my training runs on these cold, dark mornings.

Your donation will help Say Aphasia open more groups to give more people hope when they're at their lowest. Thank you! Hannah Riley