Back in September 2022 our colleague and friend, Joel, suffered a life-changing stroke and acquired aphasia. His recovery has been, and continues to be extremely challenging. As a result of the stroke, Joel is suffering from Broca's aphasia. He is working hard to regain his communications skills, using a variety of different techniques and resources.  

Joel discovered Say Aphasia, finding their help and support very valuable throughout his recovery so far. We are completing this charity walk for a number of reasons.  We would like to show Joel how much he means to us, show our appreciation to Say Aphasia and make sure that they can continue to help others.

Joel has gained insight into what is available for people with aphasia like him. For example, singing, meditation for a positive mind to heal, and the varying degrees of aphasia in others.  The group helps to build his confidence to travel to the group and meet new people. 

Joel's experience with living with aphasia: "I feel dreadful.  I feel like i cannot describe my emotions and feelings.  It's like I'm behind walls waiting to break free one day.  There isn't a cure, but its possible to get back to almost 100% with my speech.  Speech Therapy is key."

Challenge date: Saturday 26th August 2023

Read Muhammed Joel Fraser's story here.


Meet the team

Andy – Theatre Legend (Walking Team)


Mike – Stoma Care Nurse Specialist (Walking Team)


Paul – Consultant Colorectal Surgeon (Walking Team)