We are here for you and your family.

We offer a relaxed place of support for those with aphasia. Whether you are newly diagnosed, or have lived with aphasia for a few years, we welcome everyone. We provide a place to meet people who are experiencing a similar life change and who can understand what you are going through.

At these social groups you can learn how to adapt to this new way of life, amongst people who can relate to you and offer tips and tricks to make life a little easier. 

No matter what type of aphasia you have, you can visit the groups and take from it what you need. 

Sit silently and observe with a cup of tea - no problem!

Use a pen and paper to communicate to others - no problem!

Can't always get the words out, but up for giving a natter a go? - No problem!

Sit and read a paper in the company of others - no problem!

Want to bring a family member along? - No problem!

We are here for you, so just tell us what you need.

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