Bruce Willis is diagnosed with Aphasia

After sad news that yet another person's life has been turned upside down after being diagnosed with aphasia, we suddenly see an increase in awareness being raised. 

Actor Bruce Willis and his family shared the news of his aphasia diagnosis today, and luckily for people already living with aphasia, this condition was being spoken about a lot more. It's unfortunate to hear of anyone who has suffered a brain injury causing aphasia, however this time it was an actor, which brought more light onto aphasia to the general public. This was a time for aphasia charities to make some noise and raise awareness and understanding. And so Colin Lyall did just that.

Colin received phone calls and emails on the 30th March asking for interviews in response to Bruce Willis' diagnosis. He spoke on BBC radio 4 and 5, he appeared on Sky News, and ITV News! Not bad for someone with aphasia! Luckily, Colin can hold a conversation, but his communication is not at all as it once was before he had a stroke. Everyone here at Say Aphasia are very impressed with how well he did under the pressure of live TV and radio!

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