In the March newsletter we told you about an art exhibition created by talented Bradford artist and Say Aphasia Skipton peer leader Mark Chappell. 

The exhibition was a huge success, raising vital awareness for aphasia and even attracting a couple of celebrity guests. Jessica Knappett, comedian, actor, writer, producer and artist (whose portrait appeared in the exhibition) popped in, as did Marie McCahery from Bradford Movie Makers.  


As well as displaying some of his portraits, Mark created a series of augmented reality posters for the exhibition. These were designed to raise more awareness of aphasia in the local community and to highlight what it’s like living with aphasia.

He feels motivated to do it because, he says, ‘the recent pandemic has had an impact on everyone. But for people with aphasia, normal life means living under a type of lockdown anyway: some cannot leave home as they cannot communicate and are very isolated.’ 

Mark is not one to stop working, so in celebration of Aphasia Awareness month this June, he’s now posting some of his portraits on the Say Aphasia Skipton Facebook page. You can check it out here.