The Aphasia New Music Group’s tour of our UK support groups has been a real source of joy.

Back in June we reported that Colin Lyall, founder of Say Aphasia had performed as part of a new music group made up of people with aphasia and their loved ones.


The Aphasia New Music Group has since toured the UK, to create their own music. Visiting our groups from Skipton to Exeter. And the feedback has been amazing. 

 "We have noticed that the members who don't usually participate in conversation were the ones who got involved the most" - Peer Leader in Exeter

"Those who can't communicate very well truly came out their shell during this music workshop". - Peer Leader in Skipton.


At each gathering, the group was shown images ranging from famous paintings, to landscapes, to photo portraits. They were then asked which image they would like to use as inspiration. Group leader Finn took it from there.

Within a couple of hours, each group had together devised and performed a brand new piece of music using voice and instruments.

Even members with very little speech were able to get involved, be creative and have fun. 

Feedback from the sessions has been really positive, with members talking about how interesting and moving they found the process. 


Thanks to the project’s success, the aim is to acquire more funding to run these types of events again. 

You can watch some of the performances below.