Along with a team of colleagues, a Brighton supporter is walking 100km in the Jordanian desert to raise funds for Say Aphasia.

Of her epic trek in the Petra dunes, Lucy Farndon Lemée says she’s most worried about ‘roughing it…I’m the person that usually takes my feather pillow on a night away.’

She’s taking on the challenge after her husband Michael suffered a brain haemorrhage 3.5 years ago that left him with aphasia. After 3 months in hospital , Michael came home and the covid lockdown started. She says ‘it was challenging on our own.’

While searching for information about the condition online, she came across Colin and the Say Aphasia Hove drop in group. 

She says ‘they do amazing work in raising awareness and providing a safe space and much needed support to people with speech and language difficulties…my husband always comes home from the Friday morning meet-up with a smile on his face.’

A few years down the line from Michael’s brain haemorrhage, Lucy says ‘things are looking up.’ So she feels it’s the right time to take on the challenge with her team of colleagues, who are also raising money for a local Jordanian foundation.

She is now ramping up her training regime, as she’s aware that keeping up the pace in the heat of the desert over 5 days is going to be tough. 

And when she’s not training, you’ll find her watching Brighton and Hove Albion FC, along with Michael and their two children, who are all season ticket holders.


Good luck Lucy. We can’t wait to celebrate your success and thank you for raising awareness of aphasia. 

If you’d like to support Lucy’s amazing desert trek, please click on the link below.