Zooming Great!

Over the course of the pandemic we had come to realise that technology, such as video calls was a great alternative to face to face drop in groups...

... But not if you don't know how to use it! Or do not have access to it!

Some of our members (our service users), who regularly attended our face-to-face drop-in-groups suddenly could not get involved when the pandemic hit, when we all went online. And so, we have set up this workshop to help those people get online and use Zoom to make video calls, and access our online group.

Since re-opening our face-to-face drop-in-groups again, we have found that many of our members like to have the option to attend in-person and online.

Our members say that the online groups are perfect for days you cannot travel to get to the face-to-face groups. Or if you are feeling a little too unwell to see others in person, but still want to chat.

Zooming Great is our new digital inclusion pilot workshop funded by Sussex Community Crisis and Winter Fund, Ernest Kleinwort Charitable Trust, AVIVA Community Fund.
It is being run by Firle Beckley and Kate Whiteman.
We are working with Eastbourne based Techresort to ensure Say Aphasia members who are not that confident with their IT skills get all the help they need!
We are using a mixture of accessible digital support and digital creative adventures into the theme of "holidays" to improve confidence and skills at using Zoom
 Here are a few photos to show you what we are up to:
We virtually explored a beautiful beach.... Can you tell where in the world this annotated drawing we made is?

To keep up to date with this Zooming Great project, please see our blog!


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