Juliet Holton's Half Marathon

Juliet Dicker-Holton

I feel very passionate about helping people with aphasia

2023 Christmas Lights

Howard Mitchell

Oakley Property 2024

Amber Makey

Some of the team at Oakley Property are proud to be taking part in the 2024 Brighton Half Marathon, to help raise awareness and funding for Say Asphasia. The team are: Andy Hovey, Andy Russell, David Beaken, Amber Makey & James Hamblyn.


Carlos Garde-Martin

Aphasia can affect communication in all kinds of ways and can have a profound effect on someone’s quality of life.

Skydive for Aphasia

Fiona Cooke

We are looking to raise the awareness of Aphasia.

Sarah's night dive

Sarah Johnston

I became a speech therapist to work with people living with aphasia. Say Aphasia is a charity very close to my heart as I have seen it work to raise awareness about aphasia and support people living with aphasia. By raising money for Say Aphasia, it will help the charity to continue its amazing work and reach more people affected by aphasia.


Lauren Leake

Andy, Mike, Paul, Emma & Mackayla will be walking non-stop from Trafalgar Square to the QA hospital in Portsmouth. We will be supported along the way by Janet, David & Jen. It is our way of supporting a close friend who has aphasia and saying thanks to the charity for all the help that they offer.

Petra Dunes charity trek

Lucy (Farndon) Lemée

I’m doing a 100km trek in the Jordan desert to raise funds for this wonderful charity that has provided so much support to my husband Michael since his brain haemorrhage. It is going to be a challenge for me, but that is nothing compared to the challenges that aphasia sufferers deal with every day.

Brighton Half Marathon

Colin Lyall

I’m going to be doing the Half-Marathon in two weeks time. I’m definitely going to be slow, but it will be worth it. All sponsorship is greatly appreciated! Colin Lyall

Richard SayAphasia

Unverified User

I'm older! I'm fatter! I'm no wiser! I'm running a half marathon again for SayAphasia. Looking forward to returning to my spiritual home and running a long way to raise a few quid for Colin a co and all the wonderful people assosciated with SayAphasia.

Running the Brighton Half Marathon for Say Aphasia

Dan Chadder

I’m running the Brighton half marathon to:
1. raise awareness of aphasia
2. fundraise to support people living with aphasia