A Stroke of Luck

Colin chatted to the stroke charity A Stroke of Luck... Read more

About us

The Say Aphasia Charity formed in 2016 and provides supportive drop in groups for people with aphasia in the UK. It is run by people with aphasia for people with aphasia. Aphasia is not a well known condition and so people with aphasia can feel alone. Our aim is to provide continuous support in a social environment with people who are experiencing similar life changes. Read more


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Alex's Brighton half for Aphasia

To support anyone who is affected by this disorder. Read more

Andrew's Brighton Half Marathon Fundraiser

Supporting Say Aphasia Read more

Aphasia Awareness Month

June is aphasia awareness month, can you help us raise awareness of this condition?... Read more

Aphasia Fundraising

I have decided to do a fundraiser for Say Aphasia as it’s a charity that I had never heard of before. It’s an opportunity to create awareness of this illness and show the community and support that is provided by Say Aphasia. Aphasia works to help people feel safe and comfortable in their daily lives, having the opportunity to have support and speak to others going through the same experience. Read more


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Bev's bonkers(idea) Brighton bash

Providing much needed support to aphasia suffers, reduces the sense of isolation and helps to restore hope on the long road to recovery. Say Aphasia do this and much much more, as a smaller charity they are able to provide a personal and local approach to their work, but need to attract as much financial support as possible to enable this. Read more

Bobs memory Art class

Say Aphasia is an important part of people’s recovery from a brain injury. Colin and his gang have made a amazing impact on people’s lives. This was done by independently setting up say aphasia support group in Hove. Read more

Brighton Aphasia

I am fund raising for research into this condition that affects the son of a close friend of mine. Read more